Avows’ intellectual item banking software, QRECTOR, in available in SaaS model on cloud or on-premise. The product helps learning institutions and examination units to:

  • Create rigorous question bank
  • Create exams templates and exams
  • Assign quizzes, test and major exams to students
  • Online and offline sitting for exam
  • Equipped with result analysis to identify student strengths and deficiencies
  • Create tailor-made exams using analysis results.
  • Create lesson material
  • Conduct live audio/video training via integrated Skype
  • Mobile support to take exams and lessons from Smartphones and Tablets such as iPhone, iPad, and all Android based devices.

Key Product Strengths

  • Students, Teachers and Schools can build their own rigorous question, exams, and lesson bank for different grades & severity levels.
  • Supports creation of questions & lessons in multiple languages.
  • Questions & Lessons can include mathematical and scientific expressions, images, audio, and video snippets.
  • Questions can be of types single option, multiple options, fill-in the blanks, match the following, comprehensive, and subjective.
  • Assign questions to multiple subjects, topics, grades, levels, Bloom’s taxonomy, standards, and related questions.
  • Lessons can contain rich text, images, audio, video and review questions.
  • Integration with Skype to facilitate live teaching through chat, audio/video calls and screen sharing.
  • Define Exam templates to create mock exams dynamically.
  • Access to System database containing vast repository of questions and exams.

Benefits to the Institution

  • SaaS model implies zero investment on infrastructure to run the software.
  • Create and deliver exams, lessons, training to registered students via the internet.
  • Provide a tool for students to practice and assess their knowledge at the convenience of their home.

Accelerate students learning

  • Access vast list of system/institution exams and lessons from any computer or mobile device from anywhere.

Single destination for all academic, competitive and job training exams throughout the career.