a time of reflection,
a time for a good cheer,
a time for enjoyment with fellow colleagues at Avows.
the decorations are up,
there'r gifts gathered up for surprise,
Now all we need is a good Party gathered around!

Celebrating Christmas @ Avows has been one the fun activities we do every year. This year it was held at Avows Office on Wednesday, 13th December in a very special way. The best part of it is the Gift Exchange Party wherein all the Avows Staff present gifts to each other. Everyone eagerly waits for the celebrations every year as within their daily work schedule they have some light & fun time with colleagues. This year the fun and enjoyment was extended with December Birthday bash celebration for Wilson, Ched, Arjay, Roopa and Vijay.

When we work, we work hard and when it's time to celebrate Christmas we party joyfully. Check-out the excitement and fun shared by all staffs.

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