Functional &Test Management
  • End to End test management with high degree of quality assurance
  • Optimal resource utilization with various industry best test tools.
  • Rapid QA cycles with reusable test artefacts
Functional Automation
  • Multiple proven functional automation frameworks for web, mobile and desktop applications
  • Best suitable for applications with frequent changes
  • Faster time to market with quick ROI
Performance Testing
  • Performance bottleneck causal analysis to identify the specific latency
  • Analyse the Performance Vulnerabilities
  • Creating, managing and maintaining test scripts in a timely and cost effective manner
Security Testing
  • Provides an independent baseline and validation of the overall security posture Strategic and tactical security services focused on the applications supporting critical business processes such as mobile, web and cloud.
  • Includes penetration testing of the applications and networks
Specialized testing
  • Specialised in mobile testing with our proven automation frameworks Expertise on API testing, Game testing, Big Data Testing, Cloud Testing