In a recent Gartner Financial Executives International CFO Technology Study, 78% respondent's state BI, analytics and performance management as the top initiative of the year for the finance department. A wide array of participants from industries including manufacturing, retail, technology and service providers participated in the survey thus highlighting the need of financial analytics across industry. Finance Analytics FA+ is created with precision to address common finance analytics needs across industries as well as handle industry specific nuances across goods and services industries in B2C and B2B space. That's why we say that FA+ is more than a mere financial reporting software.

Not only with the BI and Analytics we have gone one step ahead and provide our customers with Predictive Analytics with the various scenarios combining into data modelling. Our most comprehensive Data Modelling will result into more than 85% of accuracy and also in gradual time this can be improved with the analysis of more customer data.

Finance Analytics (FA+) provides CFO Analytics to improve top-line, bottom-line, operational efficiency and compliance by effectively leveraging data, the omnipotent and under-utilized asset within any organization. It is specifically designed to address strategic, tactical and operational information management needs of finance function. Salient features of FA+ are given below.

Ready to Deploy Finance Analytics Solution
  • Pre-built dashboards, reports, what if scenarios and advance analytics designed specifically to promote best practices for finance department.
  • Pre-built comprehensive Finance data model addressing key subject areas like Account Payables & Receivables, General Ledger, Fixed assets, Cash management, Treasury, Audit and Compliance.
  • Pre-built data integration with major finance systems.
Lowest TCO and Faster Time to Market
  • Faster, predictable, guaranteed deployment in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Single partner Vs multiple external vendors management consultants, System Integrators and tool ISV's.
Scalable Technical Platform
  • Built on SAP BI platform, leader in Gartner Magic quadrant for BI.
  • Single unified architecture: Integrate various BI components like Reporting, Dash-boarding, Adhoc.
  • Analytics, OLAP analytics, ETL Connectors, Data Mining, Pre-built data model and Pre-built BI contents.
Built for Superlative User Experience
  • Role Based approach with website like navigation.
  • KRA Mapped to KPI to enable right information at right time.
  • 'What' 'Where' 'Why' 'When' Design enables faster decision making.
  • Mobile BI, MS office integration.