In the customer service world, enterprises are grappling with challenges like accelerating self-help adoption, providing single-window customer view to agents, and delivering an integrated cross-channel experience. Enterprises are exploring solutions that can help evolve contact centers from problem solvers to revenue enhancers, and at the same time, reduce operational costs. We recommend Infosys AssistEdge as the solution.


AssistEdge, driven by a suite of patented solutions, delivers an intuitive virtual agent, integrated agent dashboard, and a seamless cross-channel collaboration solution. AssistEdge has delivered business outcomes in enterprise scale environments up to 30 percent savings in contact center operating costs through streamlined contact center processes and enhanced agent productivity. AssistEdge enables accelerated benefits realization through quick implementation timelines (~8-10 weeks). Besides, it is easy to maintain and enhance, once deployed.

Built on a scalable and modular architecture, AssistEdge provides the following out of the box functionalities
  • Interactive self-care: Virtual robotic agent that promotes self-care by automated problem diagnosis and resolution.
  • Smart user environment: Integrated agent dashboard with automated sign-on using non-intrusive integration of heterogeneous applications and data handling techniques.
  • Real-time expertise manager: Innovative and multi-channel collaboration solution that provides instant access to expertise with context passing.

AssistEdge has also won many prestigious industry awards for innovation including the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards in the consumer service innovation category, the Alsbridge Innovation Award 2014, and the Aegis Graham Bell Award. Enterprises using AssistEdge have realized payback in as little as six months.